The dangers of adderall

Some of the drugs administered during sickness may have serious side effects to the person using them. In the United States, the most prescribed drug by the doctors is the adderall which is used to keep the user awake for more hours and to improve the sexual urge. It is also used to reduce fatigue and to increase the concentration of ones mind. The drug is commonly used by the young people in colleges as they try to be more energetic and to reduce weight. Some of them abuse the drug to become high risking the chances of getting the dangers of the adderall side effects.

adderall side effects

Most of the people who are using it are not aware of the side effects which are very important since it involves the health of the user. It I also used to reduce depression and to help people with extra weight to reduce some. One of the adderall side effects is that patients get allergic to some chemicals used during the manufacture of the drug. This happens mostly to the users who use it without prescription from a doctor. These are the one who use them to get high.

Some dangerous adderall side effects are convulsion, heart problem, high blood pressure and loss of life. The chances of serious side effects like death are very common to the ones who use it without the permission from the doctor since they take more of it than required. It has therefore become the most dangerous drugs taken without prescription form a physician. Some of the ingredients of the drugs can not be used with other drugs  such as monoamine oxidize inhibitors and without knowledge, lot of people have fallen victims by taking this drug carelessly  therefore developing permanent complications in their live.

Some of the major adderall side effects are getting irregular sleep which may be affected completely. The mouth becomes dry and the outer skin peels off. It also increases the intake of water since if it is used wrongly, it dehydrates the body. A lot of severe headaches and migraines are also very common to the user. Cases o f high blood pressure and immediate loss of weight   are also some of the major effects. Feeling tired nausea, vomiting, and irregular body temperatures as well as loss of energy in the body. When these kind of effects appear, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Prolonged use of this drug without the proper prescription from the doctor causes major effect to the person using them. More difficult adderall side effects that are visible in these people that should be reported immediately are suicidal thoughts and getting confused. The behavior may completely change by becoming vigorous and violent. It may also change to becoming shy and becoming restless. Pain in the chest and extending to the back side of the body and a lot of infections are just some few problems that should be reported to a physician immediately. The person tends to do things that he can hardly recall.