Side Effects of Steroids You Should Know

There are many people that choose using the steroids. But, do you know what the side effects of steroid are? You should know it. Before deciding to choose using steroid, it is important you learn about the side effects at first. For that, you will be ready about the side effects that you may get.

You should know that there are some types of the steroids. It is right that some of them having the mild side effects. But, you should realize that there are the steroid types that have the side effects such as:

  1. Steroid causes acne

Acne can come to your face as the side effect in using the steroid. It may become the noticeable acne. Some of them may on the face, back and the neck. Acne can come because there is the increasing hormone in your body. This acne type can’t be removed by using the medicines or some best treatments. Because the existence of this acne, it will bother you so much.

  1. Steroid can cause the water retention

You will look puffy. It is one of the side effects in using the steroids. The puffy happens because there is the fluid that collects in your face. As the result, your face becomes looking puffy. It can be found that many people that use steroid have the experience in getting swelling.

  1. Steroid can cause the breasts grow

Gynecomastia is the condition that grows the breasts. You will feel that your skin under the nipples getting thicker. This is the characteristic of this happens at the early. As the solution to remove it, you should take the surgical solution. There is no another great solution in removing it. Men with this condition must make them frustrated.

  1. Consuming the steroid can affect the activity of the liver

There is the research that says that consuming the oral steroid can cause the liver damage. The liver enzyme increases after consuming it. People that use steroid orally will get the side effect of the liver disease.

  1. Steroid can cause the increasing of the cholesterol

There are two types of the cholesterol. The first one is good cholesterol and the second one is the bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol level will increase if you consume the steroid. The common happen is many men have the breast growth. Then, women get the masculinity characters such as the changing of the sound, enlarged the clitoris, and there is the hair growth.

  1. Then, steroid can cause the sterility

Sterility is one of the side effects using the steroid. This is because there is the hormone changing as long as using the steroid.

The other side effects from consuming steroid are getting the high blood pressure, the immune system of the changes; there are the kidney problem and the others.

Those are the side effects that can cause if you consume the steroid. There are many people that have got them permanently. Before deciding to use steroid, think again! You should be careful in choosing something to avoid feeling sorry.